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Why do I believe in total genocide?

Because of things like this. My prayers go out to those families. This ruined my day.

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Total Productivity for Weekend: -10%

Well, I managed to get nothing worth while done, other than going up and checking out where my wedding is going to be. Heh. I still find myself a little taken aback by it all. It’s all good though. I … Continue reading

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Going on vacation…

So I’ve been trying to go on vacation all weekend, but to my dismay I haven’t been able to get out of my bloody apartment. First I wanted to attend the almighty SUPER ART FIGHT in Baltimore. But none of … Continue reading

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Not the big post, but a post nonetheless…

Just saw the trailer for the new Max Payne movie. I really dug into the games, moreso the first than the second. It was the feel I expected to get out of Hitman that I never could quite achieve. I … Continue reading

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Already falling behind as opposed to what I originally planned, but this weekend was a bit crazy so that is to be expected. I do however have something to post. Just a few props I have been working on. Nothing … Continue reading

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