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Game – LittleBigPlanet in Real Life

If you don’t know what LittleBigPlanet is, you need to watch this now. For those of you familiar with it, you know of it’s intense charm and cuteness. This real life one-shot take goes through a custom made level that … Continue reading

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Game – Play Snake in Youtube

Pretty self-explanatory. Instructions to play the old school snake in a youtube window.

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Too Much Time – Minecraft

I have avoided posting anything Minecraft because it can absorb a person’s time in a more absurd fashion than WoW. But nothing takes the cake quite as well as this person’s representation of Bioshock’s opening level. Hell, for good measure, … Continue reading

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Mash-up – Dance Fortress

Props to the guy who managed to put this together using Team Fortress 2 and Garry’s Mod. The animation and dancing is freaking amazing.

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Trailer – Oregon Trail

I hated this game mainly because I never made it past day 3. I suppose I never learned the trick of buying just ammo. Anyone else have fond memories?

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Street Fighter Legacy

So Street Fighter has had a few films. One with Van Damme which was very campy and a recent iteration involving Chun-Li that was a total flop. Some independent group decided to do Street Fighter some serious live-action justice in … Continue reading

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8-Bit Starcraft

For the gamers. Many have played Starcraft and been absorbed in it’s intricate web of RTS awesomeness. Here is what it would have looked like had it been created in the days of Oregon Trail.

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Games – Super Mario Crossover

As the picture suggests, you get to play as one of these characters and go through the original Super Mario Bros game. I’ve played just a bit and while it’s enjoyable, it’s quite difficult without a gamepad. Those still interested … Continue reading

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Spy Vs. Pyro – TF2 Cartoon

So I realize many of you aren’t big gamers and therefore would be unfamiliar with the characters in this cartoon. This an online first person shooter called Team Fortress 2 that is class based. Each class had different abilities and … Continue reading

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Mario vs. Pacman – Who ya got?!

So a group from a country whose alphabet I can’t begin to decipher created an awesome short using the hypothetical question that I’m sure has haunted at least a few of the hardcore gamer nerds: If Pacman fought Mario, who … Continue reading

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Delightful. Sheerly delightful

So as an update on my previous post, I did manage to finally get a hold of Heathbar, and as always, it was just my paranoia causing a stir, just to rattle things up. Things are not bad between us, … Continue reading

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Total Productivity for Weekend: -10%

Well, I managed to get nothing worth while done, other than going up and checking out where my wedding is going to be. Heh. I still find myself a little taken aback by it all. It’s all good though. I … Continue reading

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Not the big post, but a post nonetheless…

Just saw the trailer for the new Max Payne movie. I really dug into the games, moreso the first than the second. It was the feel I expected to get out of Hitman that I never could quite achieve. I … Continue reading

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