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Trashed Idea – LED Grills

Uhhh. Apparently this is a new trend in Japan. Because having your mouth glow like some strange cave insect is sexy?

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Tech Jargon – New 3D technology

A lot of people are complaining about having to wear glasses to enjoy the new 3D technology. Well this gentleman wants to introduce to you a new technology that would not require you to wear any glasses at all. Seems … Continue reading

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Your WTF for the day – Face beatboxing

I imagine this is what stoner musical engineers at MIT come up with. It’s a little slow so skip ahead for some of the more ridiculous beats and rhythms.

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Trashed Idea – STD Testing phone app

Peeing on your phone seems like an all-around pretty bad idea, but British researchers have managed to find an upside. They claim that by urinating on a computer chip and plugging it into a phone or computer, people will soon … Continue reading

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Tech Jargon – MovieReshape

Apparently physical enhancements in film isn’t as difficult as one would think. While this isn’t the highest production alterations, it’s still kind of interesting to see how easy it is to alter physiques.

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