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Trashed Idea – C@#$ Out Game

I was debating posting this one for a while, mainly because I had only seen a picture of this magical game entitled “Cock Out”, but then I saw their advert for it and had to post. This is the trailer … Continue reading

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Your WTF for the day – Kackel Dackel

Apparently this is a kid’s game in Germany. I am interested in what you do after the dog poos.

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Your WTF for the day – Chris Lynam

Apparently Chris Lynam is a comedian who got on Germany’s “You Got Talent?” by lighting a firecracker in his rectum. Fair warning, he gets naked.

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Tasty Jams – Hibi No Neiro by Sour

Apparently this group is from all over. From their website: hoshijima(GUITAR/VOICE) of French birth British growth, Sohey(E.BASS/UPRIGHT BASS) of Ginza birth Ginza growth, and TAKAHASHIKEN(DRUMS/TOYS) of German birth Spanish growth. 3 piece band that plays organic, urban, tight, mellow, sharpened, … Continue reading

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3D – Fallen

A 3D short from a group in Germany. It’s rather short and doesn’t have any real dialogue, though there is the Portal ending theme during the beginning. This is on par with a Pixar short if you ask me. Fallen … Continue reading

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Animals – Three dogs walk into a bar

This video is from 1986 and highlights the story of man who found his dogs had a taste for soda water. It is quite adorable and for some reason speaks to them in Japanese and the video has German subtitles.

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Trashed Idea – Abused Cuddlytoys

These colorful critters all have psychological disorders and can be purchased to teach small children about various mental illnesses. For example, the site’s description of the turtle. Being an animal more accustomed to a relaxed pace, life in the fast … Continue reading

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