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Role Model – Russian Beer Dance

This crazy man has some moves.

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Animal – Scariest Wild Boar Attack

This video is not for the feint of heart. Watch as your own discretion.

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Instructional – How Circumcisions work in Russia

Apparently circumcisions are such a mysterious topic in Russia that they felt the need to demonstrate the process on television. The rabbi looks mortified.

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Your WTF for the day – Men and Eggs (NSFW)

Do you like eggs? Do you want to continue to like eggs? Do not watch this video! It will ruin eating eggs for you I can guarantee. It’s foreign if that makes it any better. MENNESKER OG ÆG (MEN AND … Continue reading

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Foreign – Russia in 15 seconds

I don’t know if this was scripted or not but it’s a bit all-encompassing.

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Role Models – That’s not a shot

Two videos for this. The first is a foreigner taking what is called a tequila suicide. I will let the video explain what that is. This second video is a parody and expansion of the first. Game time.

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Tasty Jams – Complete History Of The Soviet Union, Arranged To The Melody Of Tetris

The title pretty well describes what’s going on here. It’s a bit long, but the production quality is solid.

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Role Models – Boobie Brushes

Artists come in all flavors and sizes, as do their brushes. However, not many have used their 38DD breasts as their brushes. Until now. The below video is of a Russian artist named Victoria. Or you can check out Kira’s … Continue reading

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Role Models – Flying Donkey Promo

Unfortunately the title isn’t a word play. Some folks in Russia decided to try to put on a promo by flying a donkey over a body of water to promote their product. They could now face 2 years in prison.

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Your WTF for the day – NSFW Tires?

Now it’s not uncommon to see over-sexual ads in today’s modern world. I mean just look at Megan Fox. One of the most overhyped actresses on the market mainly because people find her infinitely attractive. Some ads tend to be … Continue reading

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Trashed Idea – Baby Racing

Apparently this is a real event in Russia where mother’s use the everyday toys and objects that normally captivates their toddlers to race them against other ADD toddlers.

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