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Film – David: A Short Film by Zach Woods

Zach Woods of Silicon Valley and The Office directs Will Ferrell, William Jackson Harper and Fred Hechinger in a short dramatic film. Perfect way to start 2022 and reflect on what’s important.

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3D – Kara

Kara is a real-time demo by Quantic Dream, the game developers behind Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy. I highly recommend watching this for anyone who appreciates wonderful animation. Their games may not be for everyone but this one-shot story is … Continue reading

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Film – Star Wars Uncut

For those of you who may have missed the awesomeness this 3 year project encompasses, a team took the Star Wars film, cut it down to 15 second clips and asked the internets to Swede the hell out of it … Continue reading

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Animation – Rome “Two Against One”

What happens when you mix Danger Mouse, Jack White, Norah Jones and an awesome animation? You get Rome’s “Two Against One”. I loved this video. Rome – Two Against One from Chris Milk on Vimeo.

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Web Short – Prison Dancer: The Interactive Musical

So you may remember those videos of the prisoners doing elaborate dance numbers which turned out to be forced labor by the prison guards. Well someone has taken it upon themselves to create a new web series based upon those … Continue reading

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Educational – Best thing we can do for our health

Next to TED talks, these are my favorite informative lectures. This one in particular hits home well for me since I’ve been really lazy lately.

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Animation – Pincel de Zorro

Pincel de Zorro (English) from Hug Codinach on Vimeo. Beautiful artwork brought to life in 3D. Love this kind of art.

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Educational – How to pick up a chick

Things seem to be going so well for this guy. Then for some reason she starts acting weird. But who wouldn’t fall in love with a guy who did this?

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Role Models – Church bans interracial marriage

It’s not like we don’t have enough issues already in our society. This Kentucky church decided to ban interracial couples from their congregation. Sigh.

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Your WTF for the day – 90s Sci-Fi convention

Back before being a nerd was considered a normal thing, nerds would gather out of their parents basement and attempt to socialize like this.

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Web Short – Craigslist Dating Service

The dating service for all the creeps out there. Who needs marriage when you can find your foot fetish soul mate?  

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Educational – Internet Story

This video tells the part online, part real life story of a treasurer hunter and the dark conspiracy behind his journey. Internet Story from Adam Butcher on Vimeo.  

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Fact Check – HIV-Proof Cats

So yeah. Apparently science has made HIV-proof cats that also glow in the dark. Yay science! Check here.

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Role Model – Ella Ellegard

I don’t know what she is saying but I totally agree.

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Short Film – Zombie in a Penguin Suit

Zombies are everywhere. Games, television, books, even commercials have them now. So if your story has a zombie in it you better hope it is either really gory or really compelling or else it will get lost in the mix. … Continue reading

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Web Short – Bone Her (NSFW)

A mildly NSFW video about a serial killer and a French man who discovers one of his kills. Surprise ending on this one. Bone Her from Travis Betz on Vimeo.

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Trashed Idea – Body Parts Bread

Apparently a Thai bakery in 2005 was making bread that looked suspiciously like body parts. Unclear if this is still around. More here.

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Web Short – 50 People, 1 Question

What is your favorite memory? This was pretty moving.

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Animation – Danger Planet

A wonderful and simple 3D animation that tells the tale of two planetary scouts that meet each other one day. Danger Planet from Justin Burks on Vimeo.

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Role Model – Steroid Freak Out

A farewell video for some reality show that wouldn’t seem all that interesting if the guy didn’t give a roid-fueled freakout right at the end. Wait for it.

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