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Trashed Idea – Body Parts Bread

Apparently a Thai bakery in 2005 was making bread that looked suspiciously like body parts. Unclear if this is still around. More here.

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Too Much Time – Rainbow Poo-san Sing-a-long

I don’t get the point of this. Apparently poo needed a mascot and it needed to be multi-colored. Umm…

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Your WTF for the day – Strange Sounds Upstairs (NSFWish)

This clip is apparently from a British show called Frankie Boyle’s Tramadol Nights. It is a bit NSFW for imagery, and then will probably scar you at the end.

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Web Short – 50 People, 1 Question

What is your favorite memory? This was pretty moving.

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Commercial – Coffee Jerks

These clips from the 50s and 60s show just how offensive and rude men were allowed to be to their women.

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Your WTF for the day – 8 year old cage fighters

This video is pretty hard to watch, and I don’t even have kids. Apparently some parents believe it is okay for these kids to fight with no headpads, and let the fighting continue even when one child seems to have … Continue reading

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Role Model – Pumped Up Kicks Dubstep Dance

This guy has ungodly control of his body and his dance moves. I’m normally not a big fan of dubstep anyways but this is a pretty great song to go with it.

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Animation – Danger Planet

A wonderful and simple 3D animation that tells the tale of two planetary scouts that meet each other one day. Danger Planet from Justin Burks on Vimeo.

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Trashed Idea – Black Handlebar Moustache Glasses

A perfect item for a cheap Halloween costume. You could find them here if they weren’t sold out.

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Web Short – Evolution of Laughs

If you know me you know I love the sound of laughter. So this video really hit home to me. The sound of laughter throughout the years of human life. LAUGHS! from Everynone on Vimeo.

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Tasty Jams – Song for Ulvaak

Taking a musical excerpt out of the genius book “Zombie Spaceship Wasteland” by Patton Oswalt, these two girls sing an epic tale of nerd-tastic proportions.

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Tasty Jams – Take U to Da Movies by BANGS

This video has 6 million views. Will add another hit to this awesome wonder? Thanks to Nathan for the find.

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Your NSFW WTF of the day – Zune Paint

WARNING: If you are grossed out easily or imagery can haunt you, I would not watch this video. I believe this is a parody of a Zune commercial and it will scar you.

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Commercial – Best Taxidermy Commercial

This has been hitting the viral rounds and for good reason. I know no one has a desire to watch a taxidermy video, so you should know this is well worth watching.

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Trashed Idea – Tripp Black One-Legged Pants

The essential goth moshing fashion item, these stylish one-legged pants can be yours for the meager price of $60 from here.

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Your WTF for the day – Backstreet Anime/RL sync up

It was kind of hard to decide what to call this video, but I think that is the most appropriate name. It does not do the video justice, so you should just watch it instead of reading any of this.

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Role Model – Steroid Freak Out

A farewell video for some reality show that wouldn’t seem all that interesting if the guy didn’t give a roid-fueled freakout right at the end. Wait for it.

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Animation – Trains-formers

Nathan shared this wonderful animation with me. What happens when you mix Thomas the Train with Transformers? Something way better than the new Transformers movies.

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Trashed Idea – P-Mate Instructional Video (NSFW)

The P-Mate itself is a terrible idea, a contraption that allows women to pee standing, but this Youtube outdoors-peeing enthusiast felt the need to create an instructional video showing you how to use this product. NSFW-ish.

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Commercial – Milk Me Brian

This milk commercial asks a very important question, who first thought to drink the liquid from a cow’s utter?

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