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Turn any webpage into Asteroids!

With a little bit of Javascript, someone has managed to develop a web-based asteroids using any webpage. I have only tested on one machine but it doesn’t seem to be a huge resource hog. Now it doesn’t actually create smaller … Continue reading

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Commercial – DivorceEZ

This man is pretty straight-forward with his approach, gotta give him that. Of course he works in Florida, where everyone has that “vermin you call a spouse”.

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Tasty Jams – Ghettochip Malfunction by Beck

Thanks to Brit for this find. This is not CG, those are actual Sony robots from 2005, currently discontinued, dancing to the funky beats. The song is actually a remix of Hell Yes.

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Role Model – The Naturist

This guy has a couple of videos, all of which are excellent in their own right. In this particular episode, he shows you how to fish using man’s God given fishing pole.

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Tech Jargon – Solar Highway

A neat concept for what the future of roadways could look like using solar panels and LEDs along the way. While they address the big issues with a project like this, i.e. glass that doesn’t shatter and can handle the … Continue reading

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Trashed Idea – Frankenfish

Genetically engineered salmon that grows twice as fast as the conventional fish appears to be safe, an advisory committee told the Food and Drug Administration Monday. But they argued that more testing may be needed before it is served on … Continue reading

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Trailer – Robot

It’s hard to believe that Bollywood could outdo itself given it’s range of ridiculous films already, but once again I was amazed by the premise and random snippets of this film already. It’s part Terminator, part Kung Fu Hustle, and … Continue reading

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Games – Portal 2 Co-op Trailer

I thoroughly enjoyed Portal and when I heard Portal 2 was going to be a full fledged game with co-op I couldn’t really believe it. Well here is a trailer showing just how those mechanics would work which only makes … Continue reading

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Role Models – Eyehole Paintings with Adam West

Adam West can do no wrong and seems to be right at home in this campy parody infomercial for eyehole painting security. Eyehole Paintings with Adam West from Adam West

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Tasty Jams – “Home” by LCD Soundsystem

A kind of long video following the story of a party hungry robot. I haven’t listened to much LCD Soundsystem but I really have enjoyed the two songs I’ve posted on here. LCD Soundsystem “Home” from FUNWUNCE on Vimeo.

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Trashed Idea – Alex, the kid with AIDS

This exists. And is for sale on Amazon. The synopsis reads as such: I was not afraid when Alex sat next to me in Mrs. Timmers’s fourth-grade class. I knew he had AIDS, but the nurse had told our class … Continue reading

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Role Models – That’s not a shot

Two videos for this. The first is a foreigner taking what is called a tequila suicide. I will let the video explain what that is. This second video is a parody and expansion of the first. Game time.

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Tech Jargon – 3D Holograms with the iPad

Now many of you know I am no supporter of anything Apple, but the technology behind this project is quite excellent. Using time-lapse photography these people are able to use the iPads screens and motion sensing to “drag” the screen … Continue reading

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3D – 8Bits

A wonderful collaboration of 3D and 2D graphics paying tribute to the evolution of video games and 3D. It’s a bit long but probably the best quality 3D animation I’ve seen in a while. Definitely turn it on HD if … Continue reading

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Your WTF for the day – Fat naked man and his belly

I’m really sorry for this. I normally avoid posting stuff this absurd/grotesque/homo-erotic but there really aren’t many things that surpass this. You can watch it and hate me a little more or just avoid the video all together. I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Trashed Idea – Spray-on Clothing

Ummm. So apparently there is a new way of making clothing that only requires a liquid to be sprayed on. A solvent dissolves and the material becomes like cloth. Ed Hardy will have a hard time competing for tightest, douchiest … Continue reading

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Stop Motion – Dot

Boasting itself as the world’s smallest stop motion film, this adorable video was shot using a new lens and technology from Nokia.

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Short Film – Little Batman

Directed by Joe Valenti, “Little Batman” is a fan-film tribute to the 1966 “Batman” TV show that clocks in at almost 30 minutes, and as you might expect from the title, its cast is mostly made up of hilariously adorable … Continue reading

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Animation – Key Lime Pie

This animation is both creepy and and excellent, telling the mad noir-ish tale of a man’s obsession with a delectable treat.

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Too Much Time – Lego NXT

Legos have been around for some time and have come a long way since its inception. Little did you know that one day it would be applied in a manner such as this.

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