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Reading and had to share

I told myself to post something today, and I had almost given up hope on what to write about. Then I started reading and inspiration was found. Well, not so much on my end. I’ve been reading Beyond Good & … Continue reading

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Sand art

So this is something I had heard about but never saw until now. Sand art is an amazing art form that, as could be assumed, uses sand as it’s paint. Using a large table with a projector built in, the … Continue reading

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After the fact…

So it’s been a minute since my last update.  I do, in fact, have a good reason. This weekend was moving weekend. While I could have updated throughout, I doubt very seriously anything I had to say was worth while. … Continue reading

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Role Models – To my coder girl

To all you programming ladies you there. You know who you are. 😉

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Long week

So it’s been a looong week and it’s only going to drag out farther. I spent my weekend staying busy. I went down to my father’s for food and to greet Aaron when he got back from Michigan. He finished … Continue reading

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Role Models – James David Manning Jr. PhD

So I’m not one to talk about politics, and I might take this down before too long, but I think this is just ridiculous. I know by posting this I am fueling his fire for attention, but I think it’s … Continue reading

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Granola Bars and a finish to moderation

Are actually quite delicious. I was re-introduced to these delightful treats. Somehow the world has a different taste now that I’m coke free. Funny how that works. I also noted that I have felt like I have a lot more … Continue reading

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Carnal relations

So I’ve taken on a few projects now in light of this productiveness that I’ve adopted. One of which is reverting all of our old home videos into DVDs. It’s a fun project and very nostalgic. Unfortunately most of our … Continue reading

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Another update

Hello again. Two updates back to back? This is insanity! Didn’t get a chance to stop by the auto store today but last night was quite enjoyable. I hung out with Dana, David, Anni, and Sara and Sabio, Sara’s boy … Continue reading

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So if you are reading this through the site and not through an RSS feed, you will have noticed a lot of changes. I will be fixing the banner up again, but I’m a little lazy right now. Setting all … Continue reading

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Google part duex

It’s interesting to see what people search for and what people expect the internet to know.  I am a little astounded by the fourth entry though. That’s a popular search?! That makes me really want to change my pen name … Continue reading

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Google? For you?

I will finish the second part to the previous post still, but this was too interesting not to post. So I got wind that Google Chrome OS is in development. As I don’t read the geekiest online resources these days, … Continue reading

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I will take it all

Hello. It’s been a while since my last post. Not as long as my normal absence, but noted nonetheless. I hope everyone is doing delightful. Things have been… interesting. I’ve been pondering on a thought I have long shunned, due … Continue reading

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