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From Machine Girl to Eternal Sunshine to Dumb & Dumber. I will watch it all.

Your WTF for the day – They’re made out of meat

A classic from a way on back that I never posted.

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Mashup – MIA’s Paper Planes in Movie form

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Tasty Jams – Star Wars All Star

ABSOLUTELY LOSING MY MIND OVER THIS — the tonight show made the video—i merely found it (@phan2187) July 11, 2022

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Too Much Time – Roombo

Deep fakes are getting pretty ridiculous these days.

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Mashup – Elmo in Dune

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Movie – Star Wars Holiday Special (1978)

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Animation – Super Mario Anime

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Trailer – Studio 666

Let’s go Grohl.

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Film – David: A Short Film by Zach Woods

Zach Woods of Silicon Valley and The Office directs Will Ferrell, William Jackson Harper and Fred Hechinger in a short dramatic film. Perfect way to start 2022 and reflect on what’s important.

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Short Film – Happiness

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Mashup – The Hobbit meets Adventure Time

Adventure Time cut on top of The Hobbit Trailer audio. What more do I need to say?

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Mash Up – Baby Got Back Cinema Edition

Thanks to Brit for the find. Turn on captions for Movie titles. This is the by-product of our unemployment issues.

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Fact Check – It ain’t cheap being Batman – BROKEN


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Stop Motion – Fresh Guacamole

Apparently Showtime does shorts? This wonderful stop-motion short takes every day items (grenades are definitely for every day use) and creates a deceptively delicious looking guacamole.

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Trailer – God Bless America (NSFW)

I’m a little late to posting this but for those who haven’t heard this looks like the best movie coming out this year. God Bless America is being directed by former comedian Bobcat and features a character ready to take … Continue reading

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Web Short – Wastelander Panda

This is apparently a prologue for a TV show in development. Not sure who would air a show like this but I support them. This looks better than most post-apocalyptic films in recent years. I mean come on. Wastelander Panda. … Continue reading

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Film – Star Wars Uncut

For those of you who may have missed the awesomeness this 3 year project encompasses, a team took the Star Wars film, cut it down to 15 second clips and asked the internets to Swede the hell out of it … Continue reading

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Trailer – FDR American Bad@$$!

Probably the best trailer I have seen in months. I love this. This is the true story of Franklin Roosevelt.

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PSA – Loser

A strong PSA about being a loser and how no matter how you look or what you do bullying can reach anyone.

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Trailer – Bad Ass

Bad Ass is the retelling of the Epic Beard Man’s adventures, with a bit of speculation.

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