Your WTF for the day – Personal Urns

Meet Todd.

Todd met an early grave at the age of 26. After his horrific car accident (involving a dog, three homeless men and what one could only hope was a piece of steak attached to a stick upon the dog’s head), the family was forced to have a closed casket funeral. Rather than be forced to forever cling to old pictures of the long lost companion Todd, the family took a different route. The route of Personal Urns.

There are two models, a normal and keepsake size. They are readily suited for wigs and nameplates on the urn and only require 1 or 2 photos of the person. The best part is, you could get ANY head you wanted. Want Kobe Bryant as your mother’s urn? How about Vonnegut? You ask why, I ask why not? Who says this even has to be limited to just holding ashes. This should be available to the world… That is if you are willing to shell out the $2,600 for the full or $600 for the smaller one, which won’t hold all the ashes, mind you.

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