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Fact Check – Jim Crow era literacy test

An example of a literacy test given to African Americans during the Jim Crow era. It was designed to be impossible to pass due to the vague instructions.

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Fact Check – Facts about baby echidnas (NSFW-ish)

Most of us have heard or seen an echidna, but there is still so much mystery behind these noble creatures and no time in their life is more revealing than as a baby. I’m pretty sure all of this is … Continue reading

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Tasty James – Al Walser “I Can’t Live Without You”

So the story behind this by-the-book pop song is still developing. Apparently this song was nominated for a Grammy in the Best Dance Recording category. Word is this video, that has under 7K views at the time of posting, was … Continue reading

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Instructional – How to eat corn on the cob like a champ

I wonder why I hadn’t thought of this yet.

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Trashed Idea – Fotoplayer

This rivals the cat piano for best instrument. Apparently these were used during the silent film era for music and sound effects.

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Role Model – 1981 Olympic Athlete Paul Hunt

It takes a whole lotta courage and a whole lotta balls to do what this guy does. How he managed to fit all of it into that unitard is beyond me.

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Fact Check – It ain’t cheap being Batman – BROKEN


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Educational – Dirty Signs with Kristen

Kristen has a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching people dirty sign language. Want to learn how to tell a deaf person you like their boobies? Here you go. I’ve posted a NSFW one below but I urge you to go … Continue reading

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Pimp That Site – VHEMT

If you know me you may have heard me mention Total Human Genocide once or twice. In the spirit of this almost religious mantra, a group has recently gotten together to push this agenda. Thanks to Brit for the find. … Continue reading

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Educational – Supersoldier ants

Supersoldier ants aren’t an unheard of classification of the species. However, I doubt many of you have seen anything like this. You can find out more about these terrifying specimens here.

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Trailer – FDR American Bad@$$!

Probably the best trailer I have seen in months. I love this. This is the true story of Franklin Roosevelt.

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Fact Check – Media Conspiracies

So I’ve read up myself on some of the media conglomeration conspiracies and company hierarchies within the entertainment industry. This video was actually produced like a “School of Rock” learning segment and was to be aired on Saturday Night Live … Continue reading

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Role Model – Vermin Supreme

Vermin Supreme is running for President of the USA in the Democratic party (not for the first time apparently) in New Hampshire. Personally, I would vote for him in a heartbeat.

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Educational – Best thing we can do for our health

Next to TED talks, these are my favorite informative lectures. This one in particular hits home well for me since I’ve been really lazy lately.

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Educational – Internet Story

This video tells the part online, part real life story of a treasurer hunter and the dark conspiracy behind his journey. Internet Story from Adam Butcher on Vimeo.  

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Fact Check – HIV-Proof Cats

So yeah. Apparently science has made HIV-proof cats that also glow in the dark. Yay science! Check here.

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Trashed Idea – P-Mate Instructional Video (NSFW)

The P-Mate itself is a terrible idea, a contraption that allows women to pee standing, but this Youtube outdoors-peeing enthusiast felt the need to create an instructional video showing you how to use this product. NSFW-ish.

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Commercial – Milk Me Brian

This milk commercial asks a very important question, who first thought to drink the liquid from a cow’s utter?

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Fact Check – How to Dress Punk

Apparently this woman feels the need to show people how to dress punk. This is the most accurate description of how punks dress.

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Role Model – Vaccuum a Fire

Apparently this gentleman thought using a vaccuum would be a perfectly safe method for putting out this fire. He’s lucky it went as well as it did.

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