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Role Models – Brother dies from eating cocaine

But that isn’t the best part. These two brothers were caught and arrested by police for suspicion of drug possession. Once in the back of the cop car, which was under surveillance, the oldest brother asks his younger sibling to … Continue reading

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Commercial – Unicef Holidays

Unicef makes a good point this holiday season. How does Santa feel about 3rd world countries? I mean after all they are in 3rd place. It can’t be that bad.

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Tasty Jams – Pelican by The Maccabees (NSFW)

This is a pretty crazy music video for The Maccabees going through stages of life. It is NSFW for one scene with breasts. The Maccabees – Pelican from David Wilson on Vimeo.

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Your WTF for the day – Holiday Music

Apparently this company wants to emphasize they can make anything sound good. I believe this is a metaphor for Katy Perry. Also there is poo involved.

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Tasty Jams – Sugar Plum Fairy on Glass Harp

I do particularly enjoy the glass harp, even more so when it’s used to play intricate songs like this.

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Role Model – Christmas Ornament Thieves

T’is the season to of giving and apparently these women took that a little too literally. They were caught stealing lawn ornaments for Christmas and putting them in their own just a few blocks away.

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Trashed Idea – Beer cooler photoblocker

A pretty neat concept, really. When you are out having a night of drinking with friends and you may be a little too wasted to notice pictures being taken that will probably be automatically uploaded to Facebook and shame you … Continue reading

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Educational – How to pick up a chick

Things seem to be going so well for this guy. Then for some reason she starts acting weird. But who wouldn’t fall in love with a guy who did this?

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Tasty Jams – Doom and Gloom

Third Eagle is one of those crazy “end of the world” Christians that makes your head turn. But what is even better is that he also believes there are hidden phallic symbols all around the world, in particular at the … Continue reading

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Tasty Jams – Worst Music Video ever?

This isn’t disturbing or offensive or crude or anything like that. It’s just really terrible. And not even “so bad it’s good”. Just bad. Is it the worst? You decide.

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Role Models – Church bans interracial marriage

It’s not like we don’t have enough issues already in our society. This Kentucky church decided to ban interracial couples from their congregation. Sigh.

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Web Short – Brush with Death

I’ve posted another one of the videos by this group of gents, and in fact this video is the spiritual sequel to it. Lots of good FX and graffiti-fun.

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Web Short – School Portraits

If I had to take portraits for a living I may turn into this man. I really like this video. School Portrait (2011) from Michael Berliner on Vimeo.

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Your WTF for the day – 90s Sci-Fi convention

Back before being a nerd was considered a normal thing, nerds would gather out of their parents basement and attempt to socialize like this.

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Commercial – Beeper King

This was a real Beeper commercial from the 90s. He looks really uncomfortable on that pony.  

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Your WTF for the day – Dog Disco

The coolest thing about the 80s? Dog discos.

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Educational – Cost of TV ads

Some people don’t believe me when I say advertising is one of the highest grossing industries today. Well here you go.

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Web Short – How to pick up chicks

Sometimes you have those chance encounters on the bus or train and you meet that special someone. Other times you meet someone who is just special.  

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Pimp that Site – Devestating Explosions

Having a rough day? Feeling low? Just want to see something blow up? Good. Click here for the simple pleasure of blowing things up.

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Your WTF for the day – Charles Manson dancing

So yeah. Apparently Charles Manson likes music and dance. He kind of reminds of the Star Wars kid.

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