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Web Short – Clinton Foundation Brainstorm

I don’t post this for any political reason but for the fact that a lot of fun celebrities getting together and doing a good sketch. I mean when have I ever passed up posting a Jack Black video?

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Role Model – Ella Ellegard

I don’t know what she is saying but I totally agree.

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Trashed Idea – Monster Inspired Fleshlights (NSFW)

So apparently the creators of the sextoy Fleshlight decided to do some monster-themed editions of the product. The zombie inspired one is posted below the jump. Here is a link to pictures of the others that will NOT take you … Continue reading

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Your WTF for the year – Drinking Mice (very NSFW)

I wish this was fake. I couldn’t stomach watching this. This man has a Youtube channel dedicated to eating stuff. This one takes the cake though. He blends 10 dead mice together with some water and drinks a full pint … Continue reading

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Short Film – Zombie in a Penguin Suit

Zombies are everywhere. Games, television, books, even commercials have them now. So if your story has a zombie in it you better hope it is either really gory or really compelling or else it will get lost in the mix. … Continue reading

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Web Short – Toys from 80s

This video highlights the awesomeness that was 80s children’s toys. Turns out there were a lot of Transformers and Transformer spin-offs. The King of Legoland from dunun on Vimeo.

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Trashed Idea – Holy Smoke

Holy Smoke is the name of a company that will cremate your loved ones after their passing and load them into ammunition for the family to keep or use at a later time. I wish this was fake but this … Continue reading

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Role Model – Jaeger Techno Wizard

I hope I can be as cool as this man when I get old.

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Your WTF for the day – Condiment shower to “Toxic”

This is one of those videos where someone did something ridiculous and recorded it just to get famous on the internet. Did she succeed?

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Trashed Idea – Bling Contact Lenses

Ever wanted to have bling in the contact lenses you wear? Need to spruce up the flair of your eyes with a few diamonds? Apparently this company will do just that for you. You can find out more here.

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Animation – Stray

This is the adorable story of a cat that aspires to be something great. Something of internet fame.

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Short Film – Insane Office Escape

This video feels very heavily inspired by Mirror’s Edge. Really good production quality in this too. If you can’t tell by the title, it’s a short film about a man escaping an office with something important.

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Web Short – Bone Her (NSFW)

A mildly NSFW video about a serial killer and a French man who discovers one of his kills. Surprise ending on this one. Bone Her from Travis Betz on Vimeo.

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Web Short – Skeksis Back

I’ve made the joke about the Dark Crystal’s Skeksis and Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back” before, but this gentleman takes it to the next step.

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Sketch – Hollow Men “Film Noir Train”

This is apparently from a sketch comedy show that once aired on Comedy Central called Hollow Men. They nail the Noir feel really well.

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Too Much Time – Caption Inception

So these guys take to the task of creating a script and running it through Youtube’s autocaption feature. They then take the translation, turn it into a script and repeat. The final result is pretty ridiculous.

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Commercial – Long Live Play

This video won’t be much to anyone aside from gamers, more specifically PS3 fans. I’ve seen some excerpts of this ad around but not the full thing until I saw this video. Lots of good PS3 cameos.

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Commercial – Mentos “Blade”

This guy has amazing reflexes.

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Too Much Time – Like My Status

This person insists you like their status. I would do as they advise.

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