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Few mentionables today

Firstly, I am drawing nearer to Sept 20 which is when I plan on taking my giant trip all the way up to Maryland for the best Super Art Fight to exist ever! Which should be loads of fun. I … Continue reading

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So to keep things rolling…

I’ve decided that I will begin a project. One 3D post a week of my own creations. I’ve been doing research to see if going back to college for a Bachelors in 3D design would be worth it, and given … Continue reading

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Still fixing things, but in the meantime…

MACHINE GIRL and TROPIC THUNDER! So I managed to sit down and watch this today. It was pretty outrageous and over the top, much to my liking. I think I had an overload of ridiculousness this weekend. First, Machine Girl … Continue reading

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WELL! I finally got the site back up after a week of hiatus. Rather than shelling out the extra $100 someodd dollars it would have been to get my site back from those filthy jerks at ENOM.COM, who are a … Continue reading

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