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Rant time!

Coming to an end

Trashed Ideas will be closing shop June 6th. Mainly because I’m too cheap to renew web-hosting, and also because while I do catch an awesome video that I share every now and then, the traffic has been dying down and … Continue reading

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Rant – Best Rant of 2012

This man was upset about being harassed by a police officer for using colorful language in a park. I’m not condoning what he did but his rant to Mark Sidrine (spelling?), the arresting officer, is inspiring and surprisingly safe for … Continue reading

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Your WTF for the day – Wheelclamped (NSFW)

Phil Zimmerman is known for making weird videos. I’ve posted one of his previously though I haven’t the heart to force you to watch more than one of his videos at a time so I won’t link it. But this … Continue reading

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Pimp That Site – VHEMT

If you know me you may have heard me mention Total Human Genocide once or twice. In the spirit of this almost religious mantra, a group has recently gotten together to push this agenda. Thanks to Brit for the find. … Continue reading

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Too Much Time – Nerd angry at Blizzard

This guy does little to show the sofistication and development of nerds as something more than the lisping stereotype from the 70s. Skip to 3 minutes if you can’t sit through all of it.

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We’re baaaack

After a few months of hiatus I’ve taken upon myself to restart the website. My dedication to the absurd will be lessened, which I hope will allow me to keep the inspiration to post the oddities I do find.

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We were hacked!.. Momentarily

Some of you may have noticed that the site was hacked by a mister The Mast3r. Not sure how he got in but rest assured his half-bit attempts at destroying the site were in vain. He removed the entire WordPress … Continue reading

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Your WTF for the day – Sharecropping Field Trip

Southern elementary field trips just aren’t the same these days. In the 4th grade all I got to do was go to a field at night and burn some big T while men chanted in white robes…Wait a minute.

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Apologies for the absence

I took an unplanned week off from Trashed due to things backing up in my personal life but things have finally calmed down again and I hope to have posts going regularly again.

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Role Model – George Carlin

An articulate lesson from the late George Carlin on how he “gave up on my species”.

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Another slow week

The Holidays are a busy time for all and while I’m sure you just can’t get enough Trash throughout the year, I’m going to be traveling a bit over the next week so posts are going to be scarce. Do … Continue reading

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Fact Check – Woman owns the sun

Not that I think there is much validity to her claim, I admire her candore. After billions of years the Sun finally has an owner — a woman from Spain’s soggy region of Galicia said Friday she had registered the … Continue reading

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Going to be slow next week

I’m flying out to Colorado next week on business. I am hoping to have some stuff scheduled for posting next week but don’t be surprised if the site seems dead for a week or so.

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Soooo the current hosting company I am using is utter crap. They have not only broken my FTP link ability to the site, they also took it down for quite a few hours yesterday. I opened a ticket with them … Continue reading

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It’s been quiet this weekend

Apologies for a quiet weekend. Was off visiting a friend in another state. Rest assured Trashed Ideas will continue come Monday. Thanks for everyone who has been making comments. It’s nice to get some feedback on the insanity.

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Had a tummy ache

Trashed Ideas had a tummy ache today, but it’s all fixed. I’m sure you all were very concerned and most definitely noticed since you check everyday. And I’m sure that’s the reason no one leaves comments. I’m sure. 😛

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So you may have noticed the site has changed a little bit, as well as the site address. Comments weren’t working a while ago, so I’m sure that’s why none of you were leaving any. Now that it’s working again … Continue reading

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I'm alive!

Well, I did make it out to Texas. I have to wait until tomorrow to get my internet at home, but rest assured, dedicated readers, that as soon as I have some internets I will post until we are all … Continue reading

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All quiet on the Western front

So for those not involved in my personal life, I am moving from my homebase of Atlanta, GA to Dallas, TX tomorrow. I will likely be without internet over the next couple of days, which translates into slow Trashed Ideas. … Continue reading

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Site will be down for maintenance this weekend. Trying to fix a few bugs. Hope the site will be up Monday. If not you will see something at least.

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