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We were hacked!.. Momentarily

Some of you may have noticed that the site was hacked by a mister The Mast3r. Not sure how he got in but rest assured his half-bit attempts at destroying the site were in vain. He removed the entire WordPress … Continue reading

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Role Model – George Carlin

An articulate lesson from the late George Carlin on how he “gave up on my species”.

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Another slow week

The Holidays are a busy time for all and while I’m sure you just can’t get enough Trash throughout the year, I’m going to be traveling a bit over the next week so posts are going to be scarce. Do … Continue reading

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Had a tummy ache

Trashed Ideas had a tummy ache today, but it’s all fixed. I’m sure you all were very concerned and most definitely noticed since you check everyday. And I’m sure that’s the reason no one leaves comments. I’m sure. 😛

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The Truth about what motivates us

This is a very well animated lecture on what motivates us to work and the incentives that carry us through our days. It’s a little long but the animation that goes with it makes it fly. This feels like a … Continue reading

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These things I hate

This guy needed to get some things off his chest and I agree with him.

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Role Models – Foamy the Squirrel

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a good Foamy rant, but this one has definitely put me in the Holiday spirit. I think I like Christmas a little more after seeing this rant.

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In more upsetting news

Apparently there is a bill being presented that would give President Barack Obama, or any current president I suppose, the power to shut down the internet by shutting down a few private networks in a cyber-related emergency. A Senate bill … Continue reading

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Tennis and Heat waves

I suck at tennis, but this is funny. On an interesting note, temperatures rose to 103 degrees in Seattle, Washington today. Why is that interesting other than it’s Seattle in the triple digits? Microsoft’s headquarters are in Washington. I heard … Continue reading

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Next big rant

So a few links first. I figure it’s easiest to get these out of the way first. Ted Talk about Siftables, some pretty nifty new computer interactions. Think Tomogatchi on crack with real the ability to have real software support. … Continue reading

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Going on vacation…

So I’ve been trying to go on vacation all weekend, but to my dismay I haven’t been able to get out of my bloody apartment. First I wanted to attend the almighty SUPER ART FIGHT in Baltimore. But none of … Continue reading

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