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Ok. So it’s been a while since I’ve posted, or posted anything worth reading. It’s been a weird couple of months, to be fully honest. I’ve just been doing lots of rethinking, and although I generally feel the same way I used to about most things in my life, i.e. my hobbies, my physical condition, my friends, my environment, my family, I feel a lack of substance in most of it. It seems to have all become quite mundane. I think what always got me through in the past was having such little side projects and the, however minute, reaction of others when I displayed said projects. Like my obsession with buying co-op video games.

I bought LittleBigPlanet because the game looked fun and had an awesome co-op mode, in my honest opinion. My roommate and brothers seemed to think it was decent, but not something they would do with their free time. It’s a little dissappointing, I guess. I mean I’ve always felt I’ve never had a good video game buddy. Someone who made a decent amount of money to actually buy games and enjoyed spending 8 hours on a video game. This is obviously no-ones fault, but it makes me begin to wonder about my obsession with these games and their worth in my life. Lately these things have started to fall into a grey area. None of them quite capture me like they used to. Nothing speaks to me quite the same. I actually traded in video games for the first time in my life the other day. I believe it’s a terrible waste of money to trade and the games weren’t that terrible, but I couldn’t get into them, them being Last Remnant and Infinite Discovery. RPGs for heaven’s sake! I used to absorb these suckers like a fat kid eating grass if the fat kid was in fact a goat. But I couldn’t get into either. Both of them had story and pacing issues, and Last Remnant had an obnoxious load time.

So I say all that to say, I’ve been reconsidering my hobbies. One hobby I can’t seem to pry my mind from is keeping a decent blog going. That means I have to be resourceful and always have things to write about. Since most of my hobbies revolve around games still, I am once again going to give game reviewing a try. While I doubt for any internet infamy such as the great Zero Punctuation and his infamous rants, I need this to keep going. But I won’t limit this site to just video games. This site is an ameoba of thought patterns, at least in my mind’s eye. So, to get us started on the random junk that will be coming on here in a regular basis, the best Ted Talk ever, Clifford Stoll!

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