Role Models – Christopher Walken Pokerface & more

So I’ve seen a bit of good spoken word lately. Not actual poetry, mind you, unless you consider the ramblings of Lady GaGa, Sarah Palin and Levi Johnston poetic. I have a few videos to post here.

You may have already seen this one, it’s been circulating rather rapidly. Christopher Walken does a reading of Lady GaGa’s Poker-Face that is just phenomenal. But that’s Christopher Walken for you.

Next two on the list are from the master thespian William Shatner. The first one here is a reading of Sarah Palin’s speech. This was from a while ago, July I believe, but didn’t gain too much notoriety. Unfortunately, this is verbatim what is written. Sigh, she was almost vice-president. Crazy republicans.

Lastly, a reading from Shatner again, this time highlighting Levi Johnston, which a quick google search will tell you he is the almost son-in-law of Palin, the one that got her kid knocked up and then parted ways. This is a small sampling of his twitter feed, again going unaltered.

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