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Tasty Jams – House of the Rising Sun by old PCs

Not the first time I’ve posted a video involving PCs making music, but still a noteworthy task.

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Trashed Idea – The Andover Song

Not that anyone really needs a reason to hate a prep school more, these kids clearly spent way too much time and effort into justifying their school. I’d be impressed if any of you made it halfway through this.

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Animation – Dick Figures (NSFW, language)

A funny short involving auto-tune.

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Your WTF for the day- Cat Crack

What starts out as a seemingly innocent dialogue about a cat overcoming it’s crack addiction turns ugly when you add in some autotune.

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Bed Intruder Part 2

Due to increasingly popular demand, I’m going to post two more videos concerning our new favorite role model Antoine Dodson. First, the autotuned version of his story which is most excellent. I will be making an official Autotune The News … Continue reading

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