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I loooooove me some games.

Mash Up – Frank Reynolds in The Last of Us

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Trashed Idea – Palworld

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Tasty Jams – Hot Pepper Tuna

A 9 year old song made popular by indie game Dave the Diver.

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Trashed Idea – Give me toilet paper!

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Too Much Time – MGS story in 70 seconds

Will this thing be obliterated by Twitter compression? — Vee ? (@ParametricPalta) October 11, 2022

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Animation – 1st Person Goomba

This concept has been touched on a few times in the gaming community but this animation takes the cake. Follow the life of a Goomba through his childhood and marriage all the way to that fated day he meets the … Continue reading

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Animation – Digital Zelda

A single-take digital animation paying homage to the Hero of Time Link and his favorite pastime, saving Zelda. Even though this is designed on mostly Macs, it’s still pretty spiffy.

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Mash Up – Portal 2 “This is Aperture”

You know what Portal 2 was missing? A good Nightmare before Christmas crossover. This gives me chills and also incentive to go play Portal 2 again.

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Web Short – Geek Therapy

Sometimes even geeks need some therapy.

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Web Short – Arrow in the Knee

Arrow in the knee is a meme phrase for Skyrim. Pretty mcuh can’t look at anything about the game without seeing this. This, however, is hysterical.

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A Biased Review – Legend of Zelda:Skyward Sword

I’ve been a long time fan of the Zelda franchise. I admit my first love was Ocarina of Time, but I’ve since gone back and played the classic SNES titles and can happily say I’ve played every console iteration of … Continue reading

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Commercial – Long Live Play

This video won’t be much to anyone aside from gamers, more specifically PS3 fans. I’ve seen some excerpts of this ad around but not the full thing until I saw this video. Lots of good PS3 cameos.

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Short Film – Portal: No Escape

All this was missing was some snarky comments from GLaDOS.

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Web Short – TF2 IRL

Any of you who have played Team Fortress 2 will enjoy this. And for those who haven’t: what’s wrong with you? It’s free to play on Steam! Get on that!

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Rol(l) Models – Katamari Minecraft

It was only a matter of time before this became a reality. It’s a bit long so I suggest bouncing around the video.

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Art – Steam Punk Pacman

A fully functional steam-punk Pacman with removable parts. These need to be in mass production right now. The Pactuator: a clockwork Pac-Man from Jonathan M. Guberman on Vimeo.

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Show – Interpretative Dance

Apparently BBC has an interpretative dance show aptly named Interpretative Dance where contestants have to guess what song is being sung merely through the dancing antics of other players. If you’d like to play along, play the video on mute … Continue reading

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Game – LittleBigPlanet in Real Life

If you don’t know what LittleBigPlanet is, you need to watch this now. For those of you familiar with it, you know of it’s intense charm and cuteness. This real life one-shot take goes through a custom made level that … Continue reading

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Short Film – Beyond Black Mesa

This is a solidly produced fan-made video in tribute to Half Life. While it lacks the pivotal main character, Gordon Freeman, it does have his classic crowbar as well as most of the in-game sounds. It’s a bit long but … Continue reading

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Game – Duke Nukem Forever

If you don’t know much about gaming history, then you may have missed that Duke Nukem Forever has been in development for over 10 years now. Every year or so the creators would release a teaser trailer at the conventions. … Continue reading

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