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I loooooove me some games.

Your WTF for the day – Kackel Dackel

Apparently this is a kid’s game in Germany. I am interested in what you do after the dog poos.

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Too Much Time – Minecraft

I have avoided posting anything Minecraft because it can absorb a person’s time in a more absurd fashion than WoW. But nothing takes the cake quite as well as this person’s representation of Bioshock’s opening level. Hell, for good measure, … Continue reading

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Trashed Idea – Hey Baby Game

Apparently there is now a game designed specifically for women to shoot men for making random, oft-times crude sexual advances. Hey Baby, which was released in June and can be played for free at, has raised some controversy on … Continue reading

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Mash-up – Dance Fortress

Props to the guy who managed to put this together using Team Fortress 2 and Garry’s Mod. The animation and dancing is freaking amazing.

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Role Models – Street Fighter High: The Musical

Now this fan-made series started off as a parody drama that didn’t really do to well. It did some fan-service but the acting and plot were a little much to bear. However, this setting suits the entire crew much better. … Continue reading

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Turn any webpage into Asteroids!

With a little bit of Javascript, someone has managed to develop a web-based asteroids using any webpage. I have only tested on one machine but it doesn’t seem to be a huge resource hog. Now it doesn’t actually create smaller … Continue reading

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Games – Portal 2 Co-op Trailer

I thoroughly enjoyed Portal and when I heard Portal 2 was going to be a full fledged game with co-op I couldn’t really believe it. Well here is a trailer showing just how those mechanics would work which only makes … Continue reading

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3D – 8Bits

A wonderful collaboration of 3D and 2D graphics paying tribute to the evolution of video games and 3D. It’s a bit long but probably the best quality 3D animation I’ve seen in a while. Definitely turn it on HD if … Continue reading

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Your WTF for the day – Real Life Squirtle (NSFW)

From the same guys who brought you Cheap Hair Cut and Pee Hookah comes another level of stupidity I’m sure you aren’t prepared for. NSFW because he pukes…a lot.

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Animation – These Pancakes are Tiny (NSFW)

This animation is a little long and takes a little while to pick up but is well worth your time. There is a great, albeit vulgar exchange at the pancake house.

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Trailer – Oregon Trail

I hated this game mainly because I never made it past day 3. I suppose I never learned the trick of buying just ammo. Anyone else have fond memories?

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Tasty Jams – Complete History Of The Soviet Union, Arranged To The Melody Of Tetris

The title pretty well describes what’s going on here. It’s a bit long, but the production quality is solid.

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Tech Jargon – Eye Mario System

Waterloo Labs has put together a device that analyzes eye movements and translates them into actions on the NES console. They explain the process and show their results in the video. Pretty neat stuff.

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Games – Resident Evil Can Can

As if you wanted to be reminded just how bad Resident Evil looked on the original Playstation, someone took the time to use sound effects from the game to play the Can Can. Just enjoy it.

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God of War – The Indie Movie

While it’s not the funniest thing, I do have to promote a good video game parody. Makes you kind of want to go watch Rushmore again.

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Super Mario Bros Graffitti

Someone took a lot of time recreating the ultimate run of Super Mario Bros on a street sidewalk in stop motion. If I were to guess,  I would say the video game art is super-imposed on the wall and they … Continue reading

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Games – Contra Vs Tetris

A wonderfully adorable animation that combines Contra with Tetris with amazing results. The sound effects alone are worth listening to. See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

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Street Fighter Legacy

So Street Fighter has had a few films. One with Van Damme which was very campy and a recent iteration involving Chun-Li that was a total flop. Some independent group decided to do Street Fighter some serious live-action justice in … Continue reading

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8-Bit Starcraft

For the gamers. Many have played Starcraft and been absorbed in it’s intricate web of RTS awesomeness. Here is what it would have looked like had it been created in the days of Oregon Trail.

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Games – Super Mario Crossover

As the picture suggests, you get to play as one of these characters and go through the original Super Mario Bros game. I’ve played just a bit and while it’s enjoyable, it’s quite difficult without a gamepad. Those still interested … Continue reading

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