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Trashed Idea – Beer cooler photoblocker

A pretty neat concept, really. When you are out having a night of drinking with friends and you may be a little too wasted to notice pictures being taken that will probably be automatically uploaded to Facebook and shame you … Continue reading

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Role Models – Jennifer and Scott Petkov

For the purpose of attaining personal satisfaction, Jennifer and Scott Petkov have posted pictures of a mother being held by the grim reaper and her child surrounded by cross-bones on their Facebook page. The big deal? The mother recently passed … Continue reading

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A Biased Review – The Social Network

I managed to catch this film on opening weekend, a rarity for me. I hadn’t heard much about the film until about a week before it’s release and was surprised by what I did hear. Out of 40 reviews on … Continue reading

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Trashed Idea – Facebucks

Uuuuuuugh. Yesterday, the online social media giant Facebook entered the gift card business by selling Facebook Credits cards at Target store near you. The credits allow you to buy applications and virtual goods.

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Trashed Idea – Ex-blocker

Trashed Enthusiast Rhieddhi sends along this special application you can install on any popular browser. To quote: Using both Facebook and real life names with a few other bits of information, the application blocks any site of up to 4 … Continue reading

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Tech Jargon – Evolution of Facebook Privacy

An amazing chart graph created by Matt McKeon that shows the evolution of privacy in Facebook during the past 5 years. Click here to see the real chart and the information regarding the data shown. Just how safe is your … Continue reading

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