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Role Model – Dracula “Gay Magic”

Gay Dracula? Gay Dracula. I know I missed Halloween but this is good season round.

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Trashed Idea – Black Handlebar Moustache Glasses

A perfect item for a cheap Halloween costume. You could find them here if they weren’t sold out.

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Short Film – Granny (NSFW)

This is apparently a short/trailer for a movie pitch which would star Jamie Kennedy as the Granny. In the spirit of Halloween, it is indeed NSFW for being filled with senseless gore and violence. Do enjoy. GRANNY- Short Film/Promo from … Continue reading

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Role Model – Halloween Class

A math teacher decides to do a special class for his students on Halloween. It’s pretty obvious that the teacher worked on it without any help, but does a good job of really giving something extra in his class. Definitely … Continue reading

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$5 says this guy's costume would be better than yours

Craigslist can produce some pretty strange things. I’ve seen evil possessed rubber duckies, sex with midgets, and all sorts of ridiculousity on Craigslist. This one manages to make it into the Top 5 Wierd things from Craigslist. And I quote: … Continue reading

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