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Your WTF for the day – Kackel Dackel

Apparently this is a kid’s game in Germany. I am interested in what you do after the dog poos.

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Animation – Out of Sight

An absolutely adorable Japanese animation about a girl who loses her dog and goes on an adventure to find him. Very similar to Miyazaki‘s work, the guy behind Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke.

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Too Much Time – Walk the dog

It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who has trained their dog to respond to an irrational phrase, though I think this guy definitely one-ups my trick.

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Role Models – Stacking food on animals

Leave it to the Japanese to find an awesomely cruel way to treat animals. Watch as a dog salivates while 30 french fries get placed on his head, as well as other tests of will against animal stomachs.

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Trashed Idea – Dog Powered Scooter

I think this is almost a clever idea if it didn’t seem so lazy/degrading to the dog. But you decide.

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