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Tasty Jams – White Knuckles by OK Go

So OK Go has a new video. It doesn’t surpass their previous videos but is still pretty quality. Also, DOGGIES!

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Animals – Three dogs walk into a bar

This video is from 1986 and highlights the story of man who found his dogs had a taste for soda water. It is quite adorable and for some reason speaks to them in Japanese and the video has German subtitles.

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Too Much Time – Dogs wiping their butt

Someone actually took the time to make a compilation of dogs rubbing their butts on the ground. I suppose this would only appeal to dog lovers but I found it hilarious.

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Good Dog

For all the dog lovers. And possibly all the atheists.

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Puppy love?

So my brother just got a new puppy. That brings our family up to 5 with my parents being the only ones without animals now. It seems curious that everyone in our family got an aggressive breed, (1 half pit … Continue reading

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