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Your WTF for the day – Running school children

The title is seemingly innocent enough, until you realize that all 31 of the kids are attached to each other as if in some huge 3 legged race that’s more like a 31 leg race. This looks so fun and … Continue reading

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Animation – Out of Sight

An absolutely adorable Japanese animation about a girl who loses her dog and goes on an adventure to find him. Very similar to Miyazaki‘s work, the guy behind Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke.

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Animals – Three dogs walk into a bar

This video is from 1986 and highlights the story of man who found his dogs had a taste for soda water. It is quite adorable and for some reason speaks to them in Japanese and the video has German subtitles.

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Art – Painting on Water

Painting in water appears to be a very delicate art but quite neat. Of course this comes from the Orients.

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Your WTF for the day – Funky Forest

Funky Forest is the name of the film this clip comes from. Japan is chock full of awful and ridiculous wastes of space, however I have to say this one sort of takes the cake. While I don’t want to … Continue reading

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Your OTHER WTF for the day – The Menstruation Machine (NSFWish)

Uhhh. Soooooo I’m not entirely sure the song makes much sense with the video, but I do know the video is messed up. It involves a boy cross-dressing and hitting up the town with a friend. However, he also puts … Continue reading

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Pass the Critter!

Leave it to the Japanese to come up with edgy shows we could never see in the U.S. A)For borderline homosexuality and B) PETA would have a fit. Here’s to the Japanese!

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Tasty Jams – The TV show

I have been unable to find a source in English for this video, but it’s really fun and high energy, as well as a solid animation. Do enjoy.

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