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Animals – Kittens Inspired by Kittens

This is so cutesy adorable it may make you throw up in your mouth a little.

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Your WTF for the day – The Skanky Skunk

I really don’t know what to say about this video. The voice acting is pretty horrid and so is the animation. Um….yeah.

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Tasty Jams – White Knuckles by OK Go

So OK Go has a new video. It doesn’t surpass their previous videos but is still pretty quality. Also, DOGGIES!

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Animals – Herding Cats

I know I post a lot of dog videos, so here is something for the cat lovers. It’s as if the Crazy Cat lady owned an Ikea mansion.

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Animals – Three dogs walk into a bar

This video is from 1986 and highlights the story of man who found his dogs had a taste for soda water. It is quite adorable and for some reason speaks to them in Japanese and the video has German subtitles.

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Trashed Idea – Abused Cuddlytoys

These colorful critters all have psychological disorders and can be purchased to teach small children about various mental illnesses. For example, the site’s description of the turtle. Being an animal more accustomed to a relaxed pace, life in the fast … Continue reading

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Animal – …

What the?

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Your WTF for the day – Testicle Cooking Championships

Held in Serbia, many people came out to celebrate the tradition of cooking bull, boar, camel, ostrich and even kangaroo testicles.

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Animals – Bunny Hopping Competitions

Bunny Hopping Competition by the Danish. It’s better than dog fighting competitions for sure, but still questionable.

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Your WTF for the day – What did the dog swallow?

The youtube title kind of gives it away but see if you can figure out what it is without looking. It’s rather unbelievable. Also, a little gross.

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Too Much Time – Dogs wiping their butt

Someone actually took the time to make a compilation of dogs rubbing their butts on the ground. I suppose this would only appeal to dog lovers but I found it hilarious.

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Your WTF for the day – Falling Polar Bears

So that’s not the name of this video. It’s an odd reminder about global climate. I’m not sure I like where the latest global warming ads are going. I know that they want it to be taken seriously, but at … Continue reading

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