Total Productivity for Weekend: -10%

Well, I managed to get nothing worth while done, other than going up and checking out where my wedding is going to be. Heh. I still find myself a little taken aback by it all. It’s all good though. I have a few reviews to post still. Movies: Traitor and Lakeview Terrace. Games: Too Human and Metal Gear Solid (THE FIRST).

The reason I’m doing such an old review is because I played it last night… and beat it again last night. In tribute to my love of all things Hideo Kojima, I am going to play through all the MGS. I debated whether to do it in game order, or chronological order. I ended up going in game order, and managed to knock the first one out in one sitting. Strangely enough, the game still held a high rank to me, despite being a PS1. I find it strange. Other than graphics and missing a few gameplay features, it holds up to par with today’s games. Bah, I will review it properly later.

Also, I was very sad to have missed SUPER ART FIGHT: ROUND 1 this past weekend. I hope to attend the next one. And maybe some linux nerd I happen to know won’t be all “d00d, l1n|_|x 1$ t3|-| $|-|!t” and come be a different kind of nerd for once. Heh. Hugs and kisses. 🙂

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