Going on vacation…

So I’ve been trying to go on vacation all weekend, but to my dismay I haven’t been able to get out of my bloody apartment. First I wanted to attend the almighty SUPER ART FIGHT in Baltimore. But none of my friends could/wanted to come. Then, we tried to go to Kelli’s grandad’s golf resort place, but it’s all booked up this weekend. So any ideas as to how I can get out of Atlanta are much appreciated.

So I realize I didn’t even go a day with my new “schedule”. Ha. Well, life has been pretty chaotic, I must say. But I need to stay motivated. I plan on sticking to creating prop related things in 3DS to keep my skills on par. I’ve already learned a few things I didn’t know last time. So hopefully I can still fulfill that. I’m trying to come up with something original for my website. I think I need to just stick to the concept, Trashed Ideas, which I know I have a few things for already. I need to start writing them down. I just need to figure out how to implement them, since I can’t really draw, and I am not good enough with 3DS to make it there either. I will figure something out. Expect a video cast sometime soon. I’m going to go over a popular topic for me.

Why Mac isn’t greater than a PC. IT’S TRUE.

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