Fact Check: When is it legal to masturbate in public?

Well in New York, it seems as long as you are off the beaten path it’s OK.

Retired detective Joseph Tesoriere was busted in August of last year in a remote corner of Gateway National Park for exposing himself to an undercover park ranger. The ranger had gone into the bushes with Tesoriere and was therefore, it seems, hidden from public view.

The New York Post interprets Judge Ramon Reyes Jr.’s ruling to mean “that it ain’t public lewdness if it ain’t public.”

“The Post wrote basically a paragraph and tried to encompass a ruling that took a court 16 pages of case law in support of their finding,” Stecklow told Asylum. “The Post clearly ignored the law that says that a lewd act has to take place in public and it has to be likely that a passerby can see it. The judge said because it was not likely a passerby could see anything, the prosecution could not prove their case.”

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