Of memorials

So this past weekend was the ever-so-celebratory weekend we Americans call Memorial Day. It was an interesting, yet uneventful, one. This past week or so has been quite topsy-turvy though. I haven’t had much time to think, much less write. I have been inkling to do something that I probably shouldn’t, but what’s the worse that could happen?

So let’s get the cool things out in the open. I actually DID something I probably shouldn’t. I went shopping. On a Holiday, which means I spent too much money. I have been craving for a real monitor lately. My 42″ TV is awesome and runs on HD, but anyone who has seen it notices that the text is really blurry because I had to shrink the dimensions to fit the TV correctly. So there is a constant annoyance and often times induces headaches in me brains, which makes me want to throw the whole thing away, which is silly. So I bought a new monitor. It’s a 23″ Acer full HD monitor, and I have a console plugged into it now. So basically I have my PC, PS3, and 360 all HD’d out the wazoo on two televisions, and can surf/watch cartoons while gaming like I used to be able to. I also grabbed a wireless keyboard and some CDs. Overall, way too much money spent.

I also got some video games/controller. I bought Chronicles of Riddick, the new one. It had the old 2004 game as a bonus, so I figured now would be the time to pick up the game. I’m playing the 2004 game and it’s meh so far, but I’m hoping the new one works out some of the obnoxious game mechanics. Some of it reeks of old 90’s style action games, where as soon as you are spotted you can’t hide again, regardless of what’s around you. I also grabbed Super Stardust HD finally, and some Castle Crashers for the 360, both of which are extremely enjoyable. Lastly I grabbed a 3rd PS3 controller, so now I can do 3 man LittleBigPlanet.

So despite all that I am doing somewhat well on money. Always need more saved up, but it could be worse. I went on a trip for Jon Dunn’s bachelor party last weekend. That was… interesting to say the least. A) I’m not republican, B) I don’t find rating women and guessing their bra sizes as a fun past-time, C) NOT a fan of clubbing, D) Universal Studios isn’t all that fun. It was an overall somewhat enjoyable experience, but I was glad to be back. It was really uncomfortable for me at times.

I’m back on the bandwagon. Whatever that means. Still play DnD, some video games. I did help Greg, my sister’s roommate, build his website in less than 2 hours in flash. He had already designed all the pages, I just had him tweak it so they all looked about the same, and then I threw it all up together in Flash and voila. He was good to go. At first I felt like crap because the first night we tried I couldn’t get a button to work in the new Action Script 3. They have made it overly complicated to just get a button to work. Greg said some of the people from Turner that were interviewing at his school said they use older versions of Flash because the new stuff isn’t geared towards web-design anymore. It’s turning into another beast, and I don’t like it. But the next try and Google managed to make the website work. Woot.

I suppose I could talk about things now. Life has been going. I’m considering trying to buy a house myself, nothing more a month than what I am paying now, but I don’t see myself moving really. Unfortunately. I am probably going to stick it out because I am very opposed to change, really, and I wouldn’t mind having my OWN place for once. I believe I can handle if finacially, but we will see. I have been feeling very distant from all of my friends lately. I hate that. I feel like a very shallow person. I need more time to get away. I need more sober friends. I need to go watch a Pixar movie. 🙂

My family has been allright. Talk to my mom about once a week, dad once a day, and siblings every now and then. Rowain and I still nerd it up, Aaron comes up every now and then and games with me, Javid cooks and I usually show up to eat his food. Dana is still working and being crazy. My dad’s health hasn’t gotten any worse lately, which is a good thing all things considered, but it’s still a concern for our family. The whole back-line divorce thing has been wearing on him, I’m sure. Ah well.

I have to go get fitted for a tux tonight, and then take my car in sometime this week and get the 60K mile checkup. That’s more money I don’t want to spend. I can’t wait until life becomes simple again. I really can’t. Don’t you dare burst my bubble and say it doesn’t happen. It does. Like a child, like a senior. One day I will be able to poop my pants in public again. One day. More later, I’m sure.

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