Two updates. In one week! HA!

So I managed to find the time to update again. I finally finished reading all of Questionable Content. Took me long enough and the characters became less smarmasaurus when read slowly. Yes I can use that word. Don’t judge me.

So last night was Dana’s birthday party. She doesn’t age until May 19th, but it was fun nonetheless. Lots of people came out to the bar with us where we played Shuffle board most the night. I suck at the game, but a miraculous game had me winning in two rounds, 12 on the first and 8 on the second. I was highly impressed with myself, albeit it was luck. Then we went back to Dana’s house and just hung out until the wee hours. Had to come in to work at 12:45 instead of 3 like I had planned, so my day is not quite as awesome as I had hoped, but after work I am headed to Florida for the weekend. And next weekend I am planning on seeing my friend Dani, whom is likely to cut my hair for me as I didn’t get it cut in Oklahoma like I had planned.

Yesterday was my first plant visit for a chicken factory. We managed to get no work done but it was a good experience. I got to see the whole process, from the feed mill, to the hatchery where the eggs are incubated, to hanging them on the prongs, the shocking water, the throat slitting, the head-popping, defeathering, gut extracting, limb detaching and the entire deboning process, which is hand-done in our company. There were over 100 people cutting up chicken parts all day at this place. Quite the job.

Still being stupid and indecisive. That should stop. Sometime in the near future. Or I’ll continue down the path of sanity. And no good can come of that. I did spend almost an hour and a half the other day with Verizon trying to order a warranty phone, only to have them tell me at that point that I couldn’t get it because the phone fell under “physical damage” and wasn’t covered. I eventually got them to send it out. Now to move my phone back over. Frustraing trying to deal with them though. Ah well.

Nerd Note: I managed to make a pretty killer Slip stream CD for my work. I was pretty happy with the overall package. It has all the network drivers for most of our computers pre-installed, only have to name computer and joins to network via install, a batch file that will move it into the proper AD container, runs a GP update, pulls windows updates, runs our asset inventory software and installs our AV. All I have to do is put in my user credentials. Pretty nifty.

Going to try reading this weekend. Haven’t tried in a while. But who knows what will happen. We might end up getting arrested, we might end up sleeping most the time. WHO KNOWS?! So I will have more to report when I get back. Also will hopefully have my video uploaded from the Oklahoma trip. Maybe.

In the words of Mark De’Freur IV,
“If one were to whittle one’s fingers,
One would become nub to pain.”

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