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So I managed to sit down and watch this today. It was pretty outrageous and over the top, much to my liking. I think I had an overload of ridiculousness this weekend.

First, Machine Girl was a japanese gore festering action flick in the same tone of Evil Dead. A grade A B-movie. It was a very low budget movie, lower than I expected, but I still found the things they tried in the movie to be entertaining, if only for thinking of such a premise for a death scene. It has entirely too much gore, not that that’s a bad thing mind you, and at some points tries to give more plot than necessary. If you have a group of friends, huddle round and bring out the tempura and wait until about 30 minutes into the movie. The movie is over 100 minutes long, but I believe it was worth it.

Then there was Tropic Thunder! See, this movie was a little special to me before going in, on account of two things. First, I love Jack Black. Anything that man touches I love. I’ve been a big Tenacious D fan for many years and would gladly pay whatever is necessary to see his next film. I even managed to find a pilot for a show he almost did with Owen Wilson called Heat Vision & Jack. That’s dedication. Secondly, the name, which has a story. I am not a big fan of sports games. The only kind I like are the over the top NFL Blitz and NBA Jam kind of sports games. So when NBA Street came out, I gave it a shot. I managed to find a favorite character, a real life BBall player from decades ago, whose nickname was Chocolate Thunder. Anytime I would play this character, I would reign down the shots while screaming at the top of my lungs, “CHOCOLATE! THUNDA!” So when I heard the name of this movie, I was instantly brought back to screaming, “TROPIC! THUNDA!” There. My story is over.
No but seriously, the movie is all sorts of ridiculous. I found myself taking breaks during the musical interludes to laugh and contemplate on the ludicrousness of the film. I was impressed by the depth of each character’s role and that all were given a fair amount of screen time. There were lots of names in this movie, one of which was Tom Cruise who managed to blow away myself and my friends with his performance. It definitely caught me off guard. And each role fit the actor so well. It wasn’t until they first step down into the jungle for real that the real comedy of the movie started to shine through. Definitely worth checking out, albeit a might bit offensive. OK, a lot of bit offensive. Not for the thin-skinned.

Anywho, working on getting the site back to 100%. Might take some time. Later.

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  1. Brit Butler says:

    At least you’ve got RSS feeds up. That makes all the difference. And yeah, fuck squatters. Come over soon. New controllers == SSB goodness.

    Also, Tropic Thunder was epic win. Seriously. I saw it Friday night and then Sunday night again because I just couldn’t help myself. I hope Tom Cruise gets a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination. No lie. He had me in TEARS by the credits. Literally, wiping my face tears. I’m scouring the net for a cam of it as we speak. I’m gonna set this jungle’s nuts on fire and make mother nature piss herself.

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