So to keep things rolling…

I’ve decided that I will begin a project. One 3D post a week of my own creations. I’ve been doing research to see if going back to college for a Bachelors in 3D design would be worth it, and given my location, time and financial constriants, it doesn’t appear that this is a viable solution.

SO! I am going to once again try the self motivated route. I will only be working in 3DS as that is the program I am most familiar with. I have a hard time keeping myself motivated because I think of so many fun things I could work on and I get overwhelmed with the possibilities as well as the amount of work it would take to fulfill these projects. I now look back at MODAT as some sort of miracle that I managed to get it finished.

This doesn’t mean what I will be posting will be fanciful movies. Mostly screen grabs of what I managed to accomplish that day. I will start off with easy cartoony things that are easy to rig and animate, slowly experimenting my way through this project. My goal is to have at least one project, hopefully a follow up to MODAT, done by within 4 months, so hopefully near the end of the year. So yay to that.

Secondly, I plan on posting at least every other day from now on. I have been extremely lazy lately and I need something to occupy this space. Some if it will be neat, some of it will be old, but I want to start getting on a schedule. I need structure… Wow, the corporate life is killing me. That’s all for my posts as of late. I will see you again in a couple of days.

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2 Responses to So to keep things rolling…

  1. Prudence says:

    Well written article.

  2. Aaron Kelley says:

    Well brother, I think it is time for you to repost this! What do you say?
    ~Brother Love Out

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