Few mentionables today

Firstly, I am drawing nearer to Sept 20 which is when I plan on taking my giant trip all the way up to Maryland for the best Super Art Fight to exist ever! Which should be loads of fun. I am looking for any other bums who want to share a ride. My car could easily fit 5 people comfortably, and so far I only have one other person coming. So three more stooges? If you love me you would come. I have some relatives in MD that would let me stay at their place while I’m there, so only gas and food moneys would be required. I am just looking to be crazy at least once more in my life. That’s the plan anyways. It will be loads of fun though. Want to learn more about What Super Art Fight is? Check it! Let’s represent the south! Wait, let me try that again. Lez reprezent da SOUF! … Yeah.


Huh. So uh, you come here often?

Huh. So uh, you come here often?

Thanks to Blast-O-Rama for my favorite Lucas picture. EVER.

Lastly, I plan on posting some 3D stuff this weekend. I am just doing basic modeling to get back into the groove of things. I may do some animation stuff down the road, but for now just except screen grabs of everything.

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