WELL! I finally got the site back up after a week of hiatus. Rather than shelling out the extra $100 someodd dollars it would have been to get my site back from those filthy jerks at ENOM.COM, who are a domain hosting site themselves. SO A BIG F-U TO THOSE BASTARDS AT ENOM.COM. TO HELL WITH ALL WEB SQUATTERS. TO HELL TO EVERYTHING I WASTED ON THE FIRST SITE.

The reason it was so abrupt was because our website was purchased for 3 years. So I had no idea when the 3 years were going to dry up and the email warnings were going to an email address I don’t use anymore. SO, it wasn’t on the market for even a few hours before ENOM stole it. I hate squatters. I wish the worst of business luck to Enom. Jerks. I will take my .net and never ever ever let anyone I know use enom. Go away squatters.

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