Of revelations Part 2

So I’m always in the habit of self-analyzing and gaining perspective, and I’ve noticed that over the past year I’ve got some OCD tendencies & just quirks in general, but I guess I never added them all up. I realized last night just how many quirks I have, and chances are I haven’t discovered them all, but I figured for fun I would list some of them here.

I don’t own shorts. The only thing close is a single bathing suit, which I rarely use. I only wear one set of tennis shoes at a time, and only tennis shoes. I don’t own loafers, boots, sandals, flip flops or anything. A pair of shoes last me about a year if I’m lucky. I hate ankle socks. Can’t stand them. I wear regular sized socks at all times, and always have to have socks with shoes. I don’t own a pair of blue jeans. This one usually gets people. I don’t care for blue jeans. I have a really old pair of black jeans that I wear every once and a while, but that’s pretty rare. I enjoy all types of hats. I don’t know where along the way this got started, but I now have about 25 hats, the majority of which are regular baseball caps, but I do have a set of odd hats, including a leather mad hatter hat and a bright red 80’s pimp hat with a feather in it.

I always triangulate corners and make imaginary paths, as if a line extended from the corner. I do my best to avoid stepping on these imaginary lines I create. This one is difficult to keep up and is more of a game than anything else. If there is a pattern on the floor going in a direction, I do my best to step in line with the pattern. Again, more of  game. I don’t kill myself over doing it. I always have something on my right wrist. It used to be wrist bands, now it’s rubber bands. I do use them for work, so it sort of makes sense. I used to have an eating OCD where I had to keep all my food separate and eaten at separate times. I’ve since gotten over this upon discovering the joys of mexican beans and rice mixed together. I can’t stand being partially wet. I have no problem getting in a pool or taking a shower, but someone squirting me with a water gun or anything of that nature just annoys me.

That’s all I can think of right now. I will give a real life status update at some point in the future.

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