Carnal relations

So I’ve taken on a few projects now in light of this productiveness that I’ve adopted. One of which is reverting all of our old home videos into DVDs. It’s a fun project and very nostalgic. Unfortunately most of our recent videos disappeared after a fight I had with my mom a long time ago. So most of our videos are in the 91-02 range. It’s still pretty cool and I get to see all my relatives and grandparents I never really knew growing up. It kind of makes me wish that I was actually a social person.

But alas I’m not. Can’t be what you’re not. I am also getting back into online gaming, which is definitely something I really missed. My favorite thing about video games is sharing the experience with others. The few that I am getting back into is Diablo II and I’m still undecided about the FPS I want to rejoin. My personal favorite is probably always going to be Counter Strike Source, but CoD4 and TF2 are quite tempting. But finding a good clan is a pain in FPS. I am just a casual gamer. I don’t like competitive play, at least not in structured manner. I like to be able to play my own way without someone getting mad or my performance being rated. Screw that.

Another project I’ve picked up is maintaining the website, for reals. As you can see I’ve started to be really consistent with my updates, and I plan on doing that. What does that mean to you? It means that there will be a lot of pointless stuff posted. This was something I was uncomfortable with before, but I think these days I’m less anal about it. Which means I might start annoying you with little things. But of course there are some good things because of it. Liiiiiike

This wonderful speech from John Hodgman. You may recognize him as the PC guy from those mediocre Apple commercials. He is suprisingly clever and unsuprisingly nerdy. Give it a watch.

So that’s all for now. I know I keep saying I will work on those darn posts from before, but hey, you know me. Heh. But let it be known that I will.

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One Response to Carnal relations

  1. Brit Butler says:

    I FEEL SO UNORGANIZED! Also, can you tell how awesome I am by my use of caps?

    I really did enjoy this Hodgman bit and hope to embed it with discovery attributed to you in a future post. I’m also looking forward to seeing you Friday.

    The unorganized thing is because I’ve got so many things I’m interested in doing though. I could swear I’ve got a million projects right now and I can’t mentally keep up with half of them. I’m actually spending today trying to get a bit more organized. Anyway, you’re awesome. Wait a minute, did you just grab my ass?

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