Another update

Hello again. Two updates back to back? This is insanity! Didn’t get a chance to stop by the auto store today but last night was quite enjoyable. I hung out with Dana, David, Anni, and Sara and Sabio, Sara’s boy toy at the time. It was a lot of fun and we reminisced on the old days.

The next morning we left for Flying Biscuit and gave Dave a tour of Little 5. I’ve recently made it a point to be a little more willing to participate in things and was willing to listen to anyone who talked to us there. We actually were approached by a Indian monk of Bhagavad Gita, a religion started by Sir Krishna. He showed me a book, about 500 pages thick, which he later left in my hands. It was interesting to hear him talk, and he asked for “donations only” and “every little bit helps” which was promptly followed by “I usually get $20 for these books”. I thought this was a strange approach to donations, so I gave him what I could.

A few other things on the brain. I am about ready to finally get my butt in gear to get my A+ certification. This is something I haven’t talked about in over a year, since I got hired at Pilgrim’s Pride. I’ve been yearning for something new, and I figured this is something that A) will come pretty naturally, B) can only help me in my career choices and C) something I’ve always wanted to do. So I’m currently going through books and practice tests. Unfortunately it costs $200 to take both of the tests, and I’m not even sure just how long before it expires. But it’s on the list.

I’ve been extremely productive as of late. It’s quite strange, but a welcome change.

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