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Your WTF for the day – May the Horse live in me

Some french “artist” whom I won’t dignify by naming her, decided that her art needed to explore trans-species relations and the methods we would take for that. So rather than do what most sickos would do and partake in bestiality, … Continue reading

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Trashed Idea – Mushroom Death Suit

Take a look at the picture. Just linger on it a minute. Just for a sec. Then read this: The Mushroom Death Suit by artist Jae Rhim Lee is a body suit laced with flesh-eating mushroom spores that is designed … Continue reading

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Role Models – Boobie Brushes

Artists come in all flavors and sizes, as do their brushes. However, not many have used their 38DD breasts as their brushes. Until now. The below video is of a Russian artist named Victoria. Or you can check out Kira’s … Continue reading

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