Hello again. How have you been since we last spoke? To what great pleasure do we owe your return? Have a seat (as if you are standing). Relax. Take all that weight off your shoulders and just chill. These past few days have been enjoyable, I must say. It has been a while since I have found myself thoroughly amused by the monotony of life. But it has happened.

Sunday was my birthday, of which I spent little of it playing video games or at home, as is usually most frequent. I did wake up at my home and did manage to slip in 2 hours of gameplay before I ventured forth to my first treat, an afternoon of biscuits and mayhem with my good friend Brit Butler and his delicious, I mean delightful female accomplice Teresa Finn (I believe that’s how it’s spelled). I do enjoy that good sir’s company. Yep indeedy.

After that we headed to the southside where my father cooked up some chicken fajitas and we watched Role Models. It was somewhat enjoyable. After that I left, taking my loving Boo baby with me this time, back to my apartment. I made a pit stop at my sister Dana’s house in downtown, only to find Anna was the only one home. We chilled out there and watched Saving Silverman, a very enjoyable movie, and then I came home to fall asleep for work the next day. It was a pretty decent birthday.

I did manage to get one birthday video game this year. Prototype. I haven’t come close to completing it yet, so no review, but I have been ranting and raving to everyone I know about it so far. Mass Murder Simulator should be the name of the game. Very fun. Very. I’ve been watching lots of Arrested Development, finally. It’s been entirely too long since I finally got into this series. Also, I’m almost finished with Carnivale. I will let you know what I think when I’m done.

As far as life’s events are going, I gave up drinking coke for a while. I’m currently on day 7. The first night was torture, involving a headache that almost induced vomiting on multiple ocassions. However, since then it’s been OK. I have noticed I am a bit more sluggish at work and physical activity that involves sweating is somehow painful in a wierd way. It sounds strange, I know, but I get more wornout now. It’s obnoxious.

Other than that I don’t have much of an update. Not much going on in the brains, just tired and trying to keep up with everything. Still broke, need to get my car checked, paying my loans, looking for a new apartment. Woohoo. More later I’m certain.

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