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Your WTF for the day – Shira’s “Pound on my Muffin”

Yes, this is just as terrible as it sounds. I’ve heard some try to compare this to the awful nature that is Rebecca Black. It may in fact be worse. Good luck getting through this. Also, it may be NSFW, … Continue reading

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Trashed Idea – My Jeans by Jenna Rose

The new Rebecca Black. This is really hard to watch, but I would suggest skipping to the 2:14 mark and be careful not to jack her swag. And before you say, “Who would watch this garbage?” It has over 19 … Continue reading

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Music Video – Swagger Jagger

Since Trashed was on hiatus during Rebecca Black’s god-awful “Friday” outbreak, I figure I would go ahead and hit your head with a song that is equally terrible but tries even harder. Good luck making it through the whole thing.

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