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While I understand the serious nature that this fundraiser addresses, it’s name and approach are worth a double-take. The site looks to sanction enough money to build the first Pleasure Hospital, dedicated to the restoration and reconstruction of female genitalia that are mutilated from a number of circumstances. Based in Western Africa, the hospital is aimed at helping countries that still allow FGM (female genitalia mutilation) and they have a program they dubbed “Adopt A Clitoris”.

Perhaps “Adopt a Clitoris” is shocking for you. But what could be more shocking than the mutilation that these women have experienced?
It’s with great hope and enthusiasm that the women of Africa continue to support the “adopt a clitoris” campaign. We hope that this campaign (which some may consider shocking) brings this abhorrent reality to the public’s attention so that it may finally stop.
With over $100,000 donated already, it seems to be working.

You can donate and find out more information here.

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