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  • Fact Check – Bioengineered suicide gene in mosquitos

    This article is a pleasant reminder that my dreams of achieving total human genocide through bio-engineering isn’t as far-fetched as it seems. A British scientist has bio-engineered a species of mosquitoes to inherently carry a gene that would more or less cause mass suicides within a colony. Of course this is intended for good purposes,…

  • Show – Interpretative Dance

    Apparently BBC has an interpretative dance show aptly named Interpretative Dance where contestants have to guess what song is being sung merely through the dancing antics of other players. If you’d like to play along, play the video on mute and see if you can guess.

  • Pimp That Site – The Colour Clock

    It’s not much to look at, but this website changes the background color based upon the time. It represents the time as a color according to its hexadecimal value. Apparently you can download this as a Mac screensaver too. Check it here.

  • Your WTF for the day – Mr. Blow Up

    Another one of those individuals that really blows your mind for their obsession. Believe it or not, he’s married.

  • Role Models – Crispbread Dancers

    These Swedish guys have more balls than you, and they are very good at concealing them.

  • Trailer – Paul

    Paul is a new movie coming from Simon Pegg’s group with Seth Rogan lending his voice for a weed-loving alien.

  • Commercial – Mrs. Macs

    This video is full of yum. Dig the motto at the end.

  • Tasty Jams – Hibi No Neiro by Sour

    Apparently this group is from all over. From their website: hoshijima(GUITAR/VOICE) of French birth British growth, Sohey(E.BASS/UPRIGHT BASS) of Ginza birth Ginza growth, and TAKAHASHIKEN(DRUMS/TOYS) of German birth Spanish growth. 3 piece band that plays organic, urban, tight, mellow, sharpened, and totally comfortable sound. They created an awfully adorable music video using a select group…

  • Commercial – Yeo Valley Yogurt Rap

    So obviously the first thing you think of when you think of organic yogurt is blingin’ rap video, am I right? Obviously this group did and decided to make it happen.