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Tasty Jams – @#$# you if you don’t like Christmas

In case the title didn’t make it obvious, this is NSFW. I don’t know who Crudbump is but this is pretty solid. This one is for the family. Thanks to Allie for the find.

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Your WTF for the day – Paging Dr. Seuss

A dark take on what it would be like if Dr. Seuss was a doctor. The audio quality isn’t that great but it’s still morbidly amusing.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

EDIT: A repost of last year’s Thanksgiving video. Hope everyone has a great holiday. Nothing quite gets you in the spirit of the holidays like exploiting innocent children. It also happens to be quite hysterical. Please enjoy this wonderful telling … Continue reading

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Short – Hermes Fingerskate

I don’t often fit fingerskate and badass together in the same sentence, but I did just there. I am not fully convinced it’s not shopped in some way, but there’s always a chance.

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