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Commercial – Volkswagen “The Force”

An adorable new commercial from Volkswagen. Has anyone else noticed most of the awesome things done with Star Wars these days is done by someone other than Lucas?

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3D – Star Wars: Solo Adventures

This is a Star Wars fan film detailing the adventures of Han Solo and how he got on Jabba’s bad side. The animation quality is fun and while it’s not Harrison Ford voicing Solo, the dialogue is spot on. It’s … Continue reading

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Too Much Time – Star Wars GIF

Seems odd to make a post about a Star Wars GIF, right? Well how about a GIF that plays the entire Episode IV? And it’s only 136kb you say? AMAZING! Check it out out, and if you like that, he’s … Continue reading

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Lego Star Wars

I was having a discussion with my brother the other night and it is sort of the inspiration for this post. Here are some of the best summaries of the Star Wars series. (Only Episode 4, 5 and 6. Those … Continue reading

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Lara Croft vs. Slave Leia

Nerd fan-fic in real life? Unbelievably awesome? Two of the most iconic nerd pin-up girls duking it out in a snow ball fight? Yes.

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Trashed Idea – Burlesque Star Wars

While not quite as shocking or awesome as a burlesque show starring Ms. Piggy, a burlesque show with Jabba the Hut is a close second. In all seriousness, I would go to this and have both a nerd-gasm and orgasm … Continue reading

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