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Your WTF for the day – Sagazon du Chaos

Modern art has always been known for it’s outlandish and eccentric nature. I have to ask though, why isn’t this man in a mental ward? It’s rather long and I just skipped around so I don’t blame you if you … Continue reading

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Your WTF for the day – Rajeunir Par La Technique Nadeau

Crazy french workout video? Or communist propaganda?

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Role Models – Daddy and Daughter’s dessert

A French father helps her daughter with her dessert. He’s pretty smooth.

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Your WTF for the day – The Clown

Some teenage girls having fun accidentally awaken a french clown using Diet Coke and Mentos. Kind of long and lacks a real punchline but pretty entertaining throughout this french short film.

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Animation – Happy Hour/How to pick up a girl

A cute french video with stellar animation that tells the tale of one man’s internal struggle to make contact with a cute lady. Really well done. CafĂ© allongĂ© / Happy hour- FILM COMPLET/COMPLETE SHORT FILM from kawastudio on Vimeo.

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French McDonalds Pro-Gay Ad

In a surprisingly welcoming new advertisement, McDonald’s shows support for people to “Come as you are” as is apparently translated from the text in this ad.

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Trashed Idea – Vader Condom

The French created something amazing. They created a wrapper for a condom. For the non-French speaking readers, supposedly this says, “I WILL NOT BE YOUR FATHER!”

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Another wonderful animation done by a french team. The french are really on top of animation given their quality of art. The imagery used to create this unique world is very appealing, blending painted backdrops with cleverly expressive characters. Do … Continue reading

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Un Tour de Menage

I have no idea who this is from or any information on it (it’s all written in french) but this is truly one of the more amazing 3D shorts I’ve seen. It has reminded me a few others I will … Continue reading

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