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Role Model – Kesha the toilet paper eater

This is part of TLC’s new show concerning strange addictions. Sounds like the show is a sham but then again…

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3D – Perils of Parallel Parking

A 3D short that I’m sure everyone can relate to. This is why people don’t parallel park. Parallel Parking from Yum Yum London on Vimeo.

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Food – The Fat Sandwich

Once again, I know Thisiswhyyourefat.com runs the market on horrible food stuff, but I can’t not post this one. Seriously: The all American heart attack. Measuring almost six inches in diameter, we’re looking at a sandwich made of two rolls, … Continue reading

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Fact Check – Willy Wonka food capsules a reality?

Apparently a group called the Institute of Food Research in Norwich is working on a food capsule. Researchers have developed a technology that allows different flavours to be captured inside microscopic capsules, which can be designed to release the flavours … Continue reading

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Role Model – Jamie Oliver

My Dad told me about this and I’m glad I finally found the clip. A British chef who focuses on healthier lifestyles shows some children where chicken nuggets come from to some amazingly American results.

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Fact Check – Mechanically Separated Chicken

Hiding all this behind the jump to save your stomach. It’s really not that bad if you don’t mind picturing the meat from chicken nuggets, hot dogs, slim jims, and more as a pink plastic foam. This will probably destroy … Continue reading

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Trashed Idea – Heart Attack Grill

As a follow up to the Heart Attack Cafe, here is the Heart Attack Grill, with a non-certified doctor running the joint. I have to say I am impressed by this. Points for embracing what makes us best. Stupidity.

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Role Models – Double Down your KFC Craving

Why bother with the bun? That’s the premise of KFC’s latest offering — the Double Down — a sandwich that replaces the traditional bun with two Original Recipe chicken fillets. “It’s such a meaty chicken sandwich, there’s no room for … Continue reading

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