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Commercial – Volkswagen “The Force”

An adorable new commercial from Volkswagen. Has anyone else noticed most of the awesome things done with Star Wars these days is done by someone other than Lucas?

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Commercial – Old Spice Guy is back

You knew it was only a matter of time before Isaiah Mustafa came back to his pivotal character as THE Old Spice guy. Not quite as clever as their past stuff but I think this is a sign we can … Continue reading

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Commercial – Gary’s Mattresses

A surprisingly racist commercial for a California mattress location. I think Gary was having a bad day.

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Commercial – Where’s your towel been? (NSFW)

This video is very weird and is slightly NSFW for lewd genitalia.

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3D – Alex Roman’s “Above Everything Else”

A year or so ago I posted an amazing 3D animation by Alex Roman called The Third & The Seventh which rivaled Avatar’s realism. Well here is a much shorter but just as talented 100% CGI commercial. Silestone — ‘Above … Continue reading

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Your WTF for the day – Eat Like a Snake

A bizarre commercial from Burger King in Japan, I think. Uhhhh…

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Commercial – Mrs. Macs

This video is full of yum. Dig the motto at the end.

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Commercial – Disconnect to Connect

I haven’t seen any other videos like this so let it be known that Thailand did it first. The first commercial encouraging people to get off their phones and connect with loved ones. Surprisingly touching.

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Commercial – Best Motivational Ad

This video is actually surprisingly serious for Trashed Ideas, but something should be said for the amount of successful failures in life.

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Commercial – DivorceEZ

This man is pretty straight-forward with his approach, gotta give him that. Of course he works in Florida, where everyone has that “vermin you call a spouse”.

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Commercial – Soft Serve Robot

I’m just amazed at the correlation between ice cream and office orgy. Oh, and it’s a juice ad.

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Trashed Idea – You and Your Johnson

An old Johnson and Johnson commercial. We’ve come a long way in our society.

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